Viking Myths: Stories of the Norse Gods and Goddesses - Thor Ewing
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Viking Knot

Viking Myths


This description of a Viking merchant at prayer was written by the Arab traveller Ibn Fadlan:
‘When he comes to the idol, he gets down in front of it saying, “Lord, I have come from far away, bringing goods.” He lists all the goods he has brought with him. Then he says, “I have brought you this offering,” and he leaves a gift in front of the idol, saying, “I want you to send me a merchant with lots of money, who will buy whatever I say without haggling about the price.”’

The Vikings held religious gatherings which were also lawcourts and markets. Animals were sacrificed to the gods. Everyone got some of the meat cooked in a stew, and the skin was set up on a tall pole.  The Vikings believed these animals went straight to their gods to live again. Sometimes criminals were also sacrificed to the gods.

The myth of how Thor’s goats are sacrificed and brought back to life is told in ‘Thor’s Trip to Outgarth’, Chapter 11 of Viking Myths: Stories of the Norse Gods and Goddesses.
Viking Myths: Stories of the Norse Gods and Goddesses 
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